Music LEssons

Private Music Lessons For All Ages and Abilities

Individual instruction is the basis for a life-long appreciation of music.  Valley Music Academy offers artist quality music instruction at rates below what others charge for a comparable level of instruction.

As a general rule, private lessons are offered beginning at age 6 and are available to all ages through 106+.  For students younger than 6, VMA offers the premiere early childhood music and movement program, Musikigarten.  

Whether you've never played, haven't played in years, or desire to attain a higher level of expertise in your performance, VMA's Private Music Lessons can help you meet your goals.  

Private Lesson Prices

30 Minute Weekly Lessons - $22 each

45 Minute Weekly Lessons - $33 each

60 Minute Weekly Lessons - $44 each

  • Lessons are held weekly and billed monthly.
  • Months with 5 weeks will be billed for 5 weekly lessons.
  • 4 lesson minimum for new students.
  • Cancel at any time with a 30 day notice.
Lessons Offered:
Piano Voice Violin Trumpet
Organ Flute Viola F Horn
Accordion Oboe Cello Trombone
Guitar Bassoon String Bass Euphonium
Bass Guitar Clarinet Music Theory Tuba
Banjo Saxophone Jazz Improvisation Conducting
Mandolin Drumset Arranging Composition
Ukelele Percussion Sitar Ableton Live (DAW)

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A credit card is required.  Your card will be charged $88.00 during registration.  That payment will be applied to the cost of your first four lessons.  In the event that we cannot schedule lessons at a time that works for you, the deposit will be fully refunded.